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    WillU Financial Group grow with WOW Hydrate as both companies strive to be the most innovative and fresh brand in their industry.

    WOW HYDRATE was created because they were aware of so many drinks in the market that were full of sugar and not as healthy as consumers thought. They wanted to provide people with drinks that aimed to help them be healthy that also tasted good! Their sugar free drinks allow you to get hydrated and energised along with other health benefits from their ingredients without having to consume anything bad for you; that also has a lot more flavour than just plain water.

    WOW Hydrate have designed a new and unique way to ensure your body can perform at the highest level. Their Push Cap Technology ensures you get 100% of the ingredient benefits once activated, with no goodness lost through degradation. Their innovative Push Cap is

    simple to activate and releases the goodness and flavour into the water at a press of the button.

    Vitamins stored in the cap exposed to moisture increases the rate they are degraded by chemical reactions, along with exposure to temperature and light, being stored in the cap means the vitamins strength is contained and only then the process begins once the cap is pressed giving a 24 hour time frame to consume the drink and benefit fully from ingredients.

    WOW Hydrate are fast becoming a household name with interest from across the globe. They are associated with multiple athletes and professional sports clubs, Tyson Fury, Ant Middleton, Jamie Redknapp and Matchroom Boxing just to name a few.

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